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Through vitality to more consciousness

Building on from Vitality Level 2, this course will teach you about inner-alchemy practice to master the Fusion of the Elements using the ancient wisdom of the Tao masters and principles of Yoga and Sintergetica methodology.

​Recommended for personal and spiritual development to become your own health and energy master.

During the course you will learn how to:


  • activate the pakua

  • build your own protective field, protect yourself 

  • transform and refine your energy  - pure inner alchemy

  • create the Healing Pearl

The course involves theory & practice, deep breathing exercises and meditation, practice of the MicroCosmic Orbit, activation of the Pakua, chanting, deep Self-Healing channeling energy (Chi) along your meridians, improve your organs health connecting them with their virtues, enhancing their individual power.

Course Details

6 hours

includes theory & practice

on-site or online,

group or private sessions

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