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This course will teach you how to master your energy cultivation power using the ancient wisdom of the Tao masters and principles of Yoga.

​Recommended for medical and allied health practitioners and anyone wishing to connect with the abundant Universal Energy and use it to enhance one's own health & transform one's life.

During the course you will learn how to:


  • activate energy centres

  • open energy pathways

  • release toxic emotions

  • absorb, condense and store energy

  • enhance your organ functions

  • enhance digestive, nervous & immune systems

  • increase the sleep quality

  • improve your libido

The course involves theory & practice, deep breathing exercises and guided meditation, activation of the MicroCosmic Orbit 

to enhance the flow of energy (Chi) along your meridians, improve your organs health enhancing their individual energies and virtue.

Course Details

6 hours

includes theory & practice

on-site or online,

group or private sessions

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