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Synthesis Therapy (Sintergética)

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Sintergetica is an integral therapeutic approach that fuses medical traditional views with western medicine from a systemic vision, integrating its language and practice in a coherent and unified model.


As an integrative paradigm, it is born of a new conception of the correlations between matter, energy, information and conscience, and uses five basic laws of the paradigm of consciousness that correspond to the five movements of the old Chinese and Hindu traditions.


Its practice has expanded to Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain and Portugal, where teaching is carried out through graduate degree seminars and clinical practices.


In synthesis Sintergetica is a therapeutic integral proposal that, from a new vision of life, health, illness and the human being, proposes a new reading code of the clinical pathology, a new doctor – patient relationship model, a new non-invasive therapeutic methodology.


All this in the framework of promoting the humanisation of the medicine, through a therapeutic teaching, that involves the patient in the prevention of illness and the creation of their own health.

Sintergetica Formation General Objectives


  • Learn and integrate to their practice those key elements of the non-conventional medical thinking, so they can work them from their complementarity.

  • Acquire basic notions about the scientific information that supports the exercise of the main complementary therapies in the world today.

  • Acquire knowledge and abilities that allow them to integrate complementary aspects of different therapeutic disciplines in an operative synergistic unit.

  • Develop the ability to look from a wider and more open perspective the classic notions of health and illness.

  • Integrate in the development of new technologies and low-cost medications that allow them to practice a medicine that is socially accessible.

  • Introduce students in the dynamics of permanent and responsible self-formation that allows them to have a creative and responsible practice.




  • Introduction to a systemic vision of life like an interwoven field of dynamic and inseparable interdependences.

  • Introduction to the Holistic Vision. From its whole to parts. From men to the system and from system to organ. Indivisibility, coherence and hierarchical organization of the unified biological field.

  • Introduction to the new vision of molecular interaction, anatomy, physiology, energetics and psychology in terms of the unified field of consciousness.

  • A learning system based on the fellow’s dynamics, more than in problems or objects seen scatteredly.

  • Theory and practice will be integrated through the presentation of clinical cases and interactions with patients.

  • The elimination of some usual master class teaching procedures in function of the development of students’ dynamic participation.

  • A model of permanent evaluation based on participation and understanding, more than in memory or repetition.

  • All the students will receive basic bibliography and written material that supports the topic to try in each module.

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