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Brent. Chiropractor

Mayte at Mayoga offers a fantastic yoga experience in a very relaxed environment. As a chiropractor and osteopath in Crows Nest I am always on the lookout for experienced, personable and dedicated exercise instructors. I have been complimenting my swimming, running and workouts with weekly sessions of yoga with Mayte for many months. I will continue to look forward to my class and continue to refer patients who are in need of a great yoga instructor. Mayte has already become a spiritual mentor and friend of Shirley Rd Chiropractic. Thank you

Priscila. Director International

I totally recommend MAYOGA classes and retreats.  The energy is amazing as you work your body and soul in a way that will really increase your energy levels and mindfulness.  

Jasmine. Manager, University

Good Morning MaYoga Sessions are simply invigorating. I look forward to every class! Thank you!

Jo. Kinesiologist

This style of yoga is more focused on breath and visualisations of the life force energetic orbits that exists within all of us. I feel amazing after each class and I highly recommend this to anyone who is keen to experience deeper connection with their energetic body.

Ricardo. Entrepreneur

Really liked it! Mayte focuses on things that you won't learn in other classes.

Patrick. Higher Education

The Detox retreat was just what I needed.   Perfect combination of yoga, meditation and super yummy meals!  

Jacqueline. Professional Development

If you're looking for a unique yoga experience this is it! Mayte is so passionate and explains energy in a totally different way to what I was used to. Beautiful little studio, and fun retreats too.

Edith. Entrepreneur

I have finally found  a yoga  class that is right for me - gentle pace but physically energising.  I've recommended it to my friends!