What is enlightenment?

By Doctor Jorge Carvajal.

International Association of Sintergetica.

The sun, the stars, the light that reflects on the Moon.

How could we explore the light within us?

How to bring that light inside and reflect?

How can we become aware of our consciousness?

How could we go through duality in ourselves towards unity?

How to bring light to the symbol of our interior?

Lots of questions around it, everyone is wondering how to reflect using the instrument of reflective consciousness that is precisely the main attribute of the human being.

How to use the power of our mind through consciousness. How to enlighten me?

Here are the greatest secrets of the world.

We are going to bring light to the design of our body.

We will recognize the symbol of the body. We must start from the center. Find your Center. Three Center, known as the Three Tan-Tien

We are going to start with, the center one, is related with the Heart center and also with one gland that is especially powerful, it is responsible for self-recognition at the level of the immune system, is the Thymus gland, it also represents an intelligence unit that is like an ambulatory neuron, the T lymphocytes that travel throughout the body carrying the message of the endocrine system, carrying the message of the brain, the message of our emotions and translating it from the chemical point of view.

If we continue then, observing our attention at that point, we will understand how dualities, opposites, left and right are integrated, what is up and down and how we are conquering unity in three-dimensional space because we reflect in the present moment, observing our own breathing, we meditate and we have the fullness of attention, we are taking the light inside from that center. Now we move to the other two centers and from now on, we also observe the duality of the two cerebral hemispheres, the two eyes, the unified perception where we conceive towards unity and that conception is symbolized in the two eyes that are unified in a central eye, the eye of the vision of synthesis and refers to the point known as the third eye, which is not exactly the same sense of ajna chackra, but in this context, we are not going to discuss that, simply to say that this aspect exists as one of the great control centers of the body.

And that it is possible to internally conjugate and unite the Pineal gland (epiphysis) and unite it to the Pituitary gland (pituitary) which is like the great conductor of the entire endocrine system and that this conjugation occurs specifically at the level of the sixth center, at between the eyebrows where we have a representation of the most recognized technique of Raja Yoga which is the science of union, is the sovereign Yoga of the king; He who controls his instrument unifies it and makes it available to the soul.

There we also have the Turkish chair. Precisely where the pituitary gland is located, where we achieve that coordination and rhythmic harmony of all our endocrine glands and our hormonal system.

So we see how duality becomes unity when we can project light into our centers.

We also recognize that the light of the sixth center represents a conjunction of all the ascending energies and of all dualities.

An electric current that runs along the spinal column and through the central channel, is unifying the first with the seventh center.

It is that electrical energy between the first and seventh centers, between the adrenal gland and the epiphysis, is unified at the level of the sixth center and represents in us the energy of the plan of life, the energy of the will.

We also have a magnetic energy that is represented by our emotional consciousness, the most magnetic aspect of our life and that is integrated into the solar plexus and the cardiac plexus, that duality that allows us to receive, accumulate, process and on the other hand allows us, loving, giving, embracing, expressing love in motion and service.

When the two energies are thus balanced, we form a unified magnetic field at the level of the sixth center.

Thus, in the sixth chackra we have a unification of the electrical and the magnetic, those two components that represent the will and love.

But in addition to this, we have in the symbol of the body, another duality that is going to unify at the level of the sixth center at the level of the eyebrows.

This duality represents metabolic intelligence, active, reproductive intelligence, a reproduction that on the lower plane is procreation and on the higher plane is psychic creativity and is represented by the tabernacle of the sacral center (the second center), and the fifth center (the center of the word), which represents the creativity of the verb that is incarnated.

So there we have that duality of active intelligence that projects and unifies at the level of the sixth center, so, we are seeing a triple unification occurring in the sixth chakra, between the eyebrows.

This unification occurs between electrical, magnetic and metabolic energy.

That it is, the connection of the centers, three Tan-Tien are connected and it is the crystal center (the crystal room), where the triple bond is generated.

When we go to the sixth chakra to understand the symbol of the central eye, the eye that opens so that everything lights up, so that the reality of the synthesis and the hologram of creation is revealed.

We have the unification of the left and the right, celebratory hemispheres, unification of the pineal gland that corresponds to the seventh with the pituitary that corresponds to the sixth.

We also have another unification is of the person and the personality.

If we can observe within that personality, a physical component that also corresponds to our movement.

That physical component is dual.

It is dual as well, because of the dense physical component, and the subtle one.

That is, the Wave-Particleduality.

The particlewould be the dense physical body.

The waveis the energy, the subtle physical body, the aura, the bio field, the electromagnetic field that penetrates and surrounds our body. Here we have another duality that is resolved through the unification process of active intelligence.

We also have our entire emotional field, which is also dual.

Primitive emotions, desires, impulses, attachments and, on the other hand, the liberated emotions that correspond to our aspirations, our dreams, ideals, emotions that are filled with a higher value when they are released and assert themselves.

Here too there is a unification of that duality between the higher and lower astral field or emotional field.

We also have unification on a mental level. How our thoughts are arranged. And by unifying and silencing thoughts, we enter that pause that allows us to connect to the upper world, to the world of ideas and on this higher plane we have the correspondence of the causal body, of the KARANASARIRA, the temple of Solomon in us that represents the expression of the soul, so we have the unification of our physical field that is double, unification of our emotional field that is also dual and of our mental field.

And as these unifications lead to reunion, the synthesis of the integrated personality whose symbol is at the level of the sixth center and we already know that when we come into contact with the higher world from that center, we enter into resonance with the soul, with the quality of life, with the observer, with the inner inhabitant.

Then the soul is projected through the personality.

The sun, the soul, the moon, the personality unite.

The two brothers are united in us and the personality is integrated.

The soul is sacrificed, in the sense that it will no longer be separated and becomes an instrument of the soul, the light in us, and when it is so, we open the eye, THE EYE of the soul, the internal light that inhabits us, everything lights up.

It means that we undertake the path of reading the symbols, spiritual reading. A path where we are able to see the quality behind appearances. We are able to intuit the essence and that opening of the eye that illuminates everything, corresponds to a process that goes beyond the intellect and beyond reason, not in the sense of being irrational but trans-rational, that is, making a wonderful journey from the INTELLECT, to the INTUITION.

At Intuition we can perceive the context and its meanings, not just the texts. And through intuition, we can perceive the whole, the plan, the synthesis and life is full of meaning.

That is why it is very important within all the sciences of the union, to recognize the possibility of the union through the physical body and the movement, the Hatta Yoga of the energy field, Haya Yoga, the sovereign science of the energy centers of our body and its correlations.

Also, the science of the union, Yoga, it take us through the devotion that channels and unifies the different phases of our emotional field, leading them through the devotion to vocation and consecration.

Also the science of Yoga through understanding and intellect that leads us to wisdom and is the sovereign science of the soul and the higher mind Raja Yoga, the Yoga of the King or Queen that lives in us, the vision of the real world, the world that goes beyond illusion, the world of appearances dissolves and confusion dissolves, fog dissipates, confusion with the physical body.

We believe that we are the physical body.

We believe that life ends when the physical body ends. The world of mirage is over, which is the confusion of the meaning of life, with the pleasure that leads us to be dependent on pleasure and enslave ourselves to pleasure, we end the separatist illusion of the superiority complex, and the pride that the intellect through its expansion to separate from the world instead of integrating into the world, then we see a whole world, a real world, we access our inner kingdom because we can see clearly, because we have cleared the fog.

So the proposal is to practice.

Unify the vision between the eyebrows, learn to look with the third eye and be able to see the virtues of crisis and the laws of chaos. Knowing that we are submerged at this moment in a vortex, in a whirlwind of the highest sensitivity, understanding that life will not be the same, it will not be the same.

Understand the enormous opportunity to emerge with the planetary whole through this crisis and ascend to a higher orbital of consciousness, flourish in a new culture that cultivates us differently, to be able to bear the fruits that we carry within, create a new economy , a new pattern of human relations, cultivating love, solidarity, responsibility and through this we can fulfill ourselves and be happy.

Knowing that in that unified field that is our happiness, we can give the maximum contribution to the planet.

When we bloom, we are back in the spring.

I hope that we can flourish in this paradise of Eden in which we are living, that we access the light inside.

That is the interior in which we are being born to our hearts.

The invitation is that we see again from the heart, to be from the heart, if we could serve to reach fullness in a state of grace, gratitude and connection with the soul that we are flourishing for the World and thus create paradise.




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