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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

This post is about connection. I would like to share this story about the situation we often live in the corporate world. Of course we are all connected but distracted, so we often think that we can be separate and that kind of thoughts, can actually disconnect us and block the connection, the energy flow, creating a destruction cycle of stress.

MAYOGA Australia was born out many life stories... one of them took place in 2010, shortly after the devastating earthquake in Chile during a time when I was working at a top 10 international Bank, pondering about my shiny corporate life and how disconnected I felt, despite the professional and financial success I was experiencing.

The devastation of the earthquake and tsunami was massive, and many of our clients and staff had been affected. Myself and others were trying to come up with some ways in which we could support those in need, however this all soon came to an end after my boss called me to his office and told me: "I need to tell you this, You are looking at the situation all wrong. We are a business, not a charity, so please leave your heart at home, because here we only need your head, and I am sorry but this is the reality. You need to know this is a fantastic business opportunity and we need to take advantage of the situation so we can achieve our goals and make a lot of money out of this catastrophe. Do you want a bonus?"....  this was the moment I realised that most of us were doing just that - keeping our hearts and heads separate and hence the stress and mess we often find our beautiful world in. But no, I am sorry to share that at that time, I just said yes, and I did what I was supposed to do, business.

Now, I am not at the Bank anymore, but I know that mistake has been the key to change my mind and I feel like MAYOGA is here to help, helping me and you to keep the connection between your heart and your brain... between the three centres, the three Tan-Tien, it is not necessary to quit your job in order to do it, but I know by experience, that you might quit just because you become more aware of your heart desires, it is necessary to be connected with your Self, it is esencial to be aware of your consciusness, even with the stress and pressure you might receive at work, this connection will help you to keep your values, keep your inner peace, stay in your center.

MAYOGA Australia apply a range of ancient wisdom and techniques within a unique way, to transform stress into vitality, increase your energy levels and keep connected with your higher self.

Release the pressure and keep the connection.

Everything you do has an impact in the world, everything, so be aware, be yourself, connected, integrated, feel your heart and follow your heart, but also keep it connected with your head (the wisdom) and with your sexual organs (power of creations), unify all connected, connected with every single cell in your body, connected with everything in the Universe.

The connection is there, just be aware, do your best and smile.

Grounded and connected.

Keep the connection On!

Practice everyday, practice More Aware Yoga

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