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Healing Hands Training

              From the International Sintergetica Association

Humanity has always used hands to restore health.

With our hands we create, we caress, we provide care ... When something hurts, the hand instinctively goes to the affected place.

Hands-on-Healing Training shows us how to use our hands to promote a healthy state, prevent diseases and help to cure them if they have already occurred. Healing Hands Training (Manos) stems from Sintergetica, a therapeutic proposal conceived by Dr. Jorge Carvajal that seeks the integration of the medical systems of the great human cultures with the western medical system, in order to contribute to a new culture of health where the person can be seen and treated comprehensively.

Manos is based on the same principles and is aimed at all people, with the aim of awakening the healing potential that we all carry inside. When hands connect with love and intelligence, that prodigious union enhances the power of creation.  This is the secret of Healing Hands.

The evolution of the hands has been part of that progressive process of liberation that constitutes, the quintessence of our humanization. Hand in hand we become human. We free ourselves. And the maximum expression of freedom is creativity, which makes each human being an artist and a creator.

The language of the hands

The postures of the hands or mudras represent an original communication instrument, a kind of archetypal language. It is a communication code used in the practice of manual therapies which complement the induction of measurable electromagnetic energies in the patients' bodies.

By using the hands, various areas of the brain are activated: thus, when painting, writing, massaging, a  pattern of neural field connectivity is established that is specific to each function. When, using the hands, we welcome, bless, point, we generate a specific pattern of neural connections that create a particular emission field. When we hug, we not only use our arms and hands, but the entire body energy field, whose energy is a carrier of thoughts, intentions and feelings.

The hands integrate and project the fourth and fifth energy centers, that is, the cardiac and thyroid plexus, which in the Hindu tradition represent the currents of intelligence and love.

Your power, Your responsibility on your Hands.

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