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Module I

Hands for everyone

Techniques for self-health management


  • Train and sensitise the hands to energy fields.

  • Learn global harmonisation and vitalisation techniques.

  • Develop  simple methods of information transfer within therapeutic settings.

  • Practice basic self-healing manoeuvres.

  • Develop alignment methods that allow effective use of people's healing potential.

  • Learn to use the hands as antennas for transmitting and receiving energy and information.

  • Liberation of maximum tension zones and dissolution of energy barriers


  • Consciousness as the common thread. Transition of matter to energy and information to consciousness

  • Human symbol reading codes.

  • The movements of consciousness and the properties of the "Holon". Consequences of a holistic approach.

  • Hands and evolution: a systemic vision.

  • Hands and the humanisation process.

  • The language of the hands.

  • The hands and the spirit of synthesis.

  • Hands and brain evolution.

  • Hands, the evolution of consciousness and energy centres.

  • Hands: a universal therapeutic tool.

  • A synthergetic vision of manual therapies.

  • Awareness of energy perception.

  • Zero points or antenna points and their activation through the hands.

  • Essential therapeutics. The harmonic resonance method.

  • How to help yourself and others in restoring energy.

  • Mudras and basic postures

Module II


The art of hand healing


  • Learn methods for preparing the healer.

  • Learn the subtle anatomy of the human being.

  • Develop the ability to perceive and interact with the biofield.

  • Learn radiation, magnetization and pranization techniques.

  • Know the energy geometry and its use in therapy.

  • Learn to apply the three essential types of energy  for maintaining health.


  • Healing as a common denominator in all human cultures.

  • Subtle Anatomy: Decoding the Human Symbol

  • Practical proposals to awaken our healing potential.

  • The body from the perspective of information and energy.

  • The circulation of energy and the biofield.

  • Prepare the instrument.

  • The healer's conditions.

  • The soul and conscience in the hands.

  • Heal the healer.

  • Essential healing practices.

  • Radiation magnetization and pranization.

  • Alignment of practices.

  • The energy centres. Dipoles and basic triangles.

  • Focus and correction of energy leaks.

  • The dynamics of group healing.

  • Therapeutic circles and group alignment techniques.

  • Self-help groups.

Module III

Etheric manual therapy

Regulation and energy harmonisation through the biofield 


  • Learning the meaning and use of the most important mudras.

  • Learn the use of the central axis or midline of the body as a place of therapeutic synthesis.

  • Develop the ability to integrate different reflex screens or "somatotopias" as a means to reinforce therapeutic action.

  • Learn to interact with different aspects of the same organ or system through different reflex point​.


  • Biofield, etheric field and quantum field.

  • Synthergetic theory of the five brains and signal conduction systems

  • The anchoring of the etheric network.

  • The five movements, mudras, combinations and employment.

  • Rules for the combination of mudras and the genesis of Doshas.

  • The glandular system and the chakras.

  • Triangles, pentagons, tetrahedrons and energy geometry in the organism.

  • Field work therapies.

  • Health promotion, disease prevention and cure.

  • The combination of mudras and basic postures for self-health management.

Module IV

Reflex therapies

Hand techniques to heal in the integration of reflex screens 


  • Learn to integrate the different reflex points or somatotopias into a single therapy process using the hands.


  • Brief description of the main reflex points..

  • Nodal or phase transition points and their importance in reflex therapy

  • Reflex therapy of the vegetative nervous system and the sympathetic ganglion chain.

  • Cephalic somatotopies and corresponding mudras.

  • Integration of reflex screens corresponding to the three basic energies. The integration of the great movements of energy. Life energy, prana and ancestral energy.

  • The basic techniques and mudras for activating the energy of the central channel.

  • The central and peripheral anchor points of the five movements.

Module V

Practical synthesis

The most effective clinical protocols 


  • Learn to integrate the five movements in the central nervous system.

  • Acquire the ability to design therapeutic protocols aimed at optimizing the quantity, quality and distribution of energy​


  • Simple techniques for restoring unity and health.

  • Integration primary and secondary chakras and central nervous system.

  • Advanced alignment techniques.

  • The global harmonization of the biofield.

  • Therapeutic protocols

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